main_pic_nurseAnesthesia Consent Click to download, please do not sign until in the presence of Anesthesiologist

Patient Packet Click to download

Procedure to do List;

  • Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before procedure, including gum, mints, coffee and water.
  • Ask your doctor about taking your morning medications
  • Please arrive 1hr before scheduled procedure
  • Allow time for traffic and weather
  • We want you calm and relaxed
  • Patient relations representative will be contacting you from Encompass to verify your scheduled procedure, go over pre-op instructions and to complete financial arrangements.
  • A friend or family MUST come with you to drive you home, and be prepared to stay in the facility while you are there.
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Socks, are suggested to keep warm.


Difference in Hospital/Surgery Center vs In-Office?
You are in familiar surroundings with staff you know. Also it is more private. You are not in a room surrounded by curtains with other patients next to you. It is almost always less expensive and very low risk of contracting an infection. You will be in the office for a fraction of the time it would take in the Hospital/Surgery Center.

Is it safe?
Encompass has performed over 30,000 cases in the office setting. To ensure your safety we only employee ACLS nurses and we went above the necessary standard of care and attained Joint Commission Status.

What if my physician doesn’t use Encompass?
We are able to work with any physician. All they have to do is give us a call. You will find we are the Gold Standard for providing your physician with the nursing and equipment needed for the procedures. We are the only Joint Commissioned, mobile office based group in Texas, maybe in the US.

What procedures do you perform In-Office?
Most any non-invasive procedure.  Mostly Gynecological procedures, but also we work with some Urologist, General Surgeons and Podiatrist.
Common Gynecologic Procedures:
Endometrial Ablation, LEEP, Hysteroscopy, Hystroscopic D&C, polypectomy, Sterilizations (ESSURE), Urodynamic testing

Nursing staff?
Encompass nurses are all ACLS certified RN’s. They are highly qualified and have performed thousands of office procedures. Exceptionally gifted in caring for others. Encompass only hires the best of the best.

How early do I need to arrive?
Please arrive 1 hour prior to procedure, unless you are scheduled for the first procedure of the day, then you can arrive 30 minutes prior.

Procedure time?
Usually it takes around 30 minutes to perform most procedures

Recovery time?
You will be under supervision for 30min after your procedure to ensure you are ready to go home.

How much will it cost?
Under most circumstances, less than in the Hospital/Surgery Center. Understand, in other settings you will be charged hidden fees they do not always discuss with you before the surgery. However, with Encompass, it’s a small Co-Pay, no balance billing. You will never be charged for anything after the procedure. Costs can be in the thousands in the Hospital or Surgery Center.

Like any surgery, there are 3 billing components: Hospital, Doctor, Anesthesia. Office setting is no different. You will be billed by your Doctor, one time small Co-Pay from Encompass, and a smaller fee from anesthesia than would be in the other settings.

For any specific questions, please contact Encompass for our co-pay, Doctor for their fee, and Anesthesia for their fee. You can get the anesthesia groups # from your Doctor’s office or give us a call, and we can get it for you.

Anesthesia Questions?
We can provide you with the anesthesia group to answer any medication or other questions you may have.